We value our client’s trust and believe in the principle of truth in advertising. While most tax firms do not post their tax preparation prices online, we want our clients to understand the model behind our pricing and to have a clear method to estimate the cost of their return preparation.

Millard Advisors individual tax preparation pricing is based on the National Society of Accountants annual survey of over 8,000 preparers nationwide. The average price for a tax return in 2013 (for the fiscal year 2012) was $261. The estimated average based on past increases was $277 for 2014.

The average cost for an individual taxpayer’s return 2015 is expected to be approximately $293.

It is important to understand that every tax return is different. The forms necessary to complete your tax return may vary from year to year as your situation changes. For that reason, final pricing is always subject to a client’s individual situation and the complexity of their return.

Note: These are minimum fees and can/will change based on complexity of the tax return

Note: All Returns Include Free Electronic Filing.

Individual Returns *

Schedule 1040EZ with no dependents$75.00
Schedule 1040A – Basic (Standard Deduction)$125.00
Schedule 1040 – Including Schedules A & B$195.00
Additional Schedules
Form 2106 – Employee Business Expense$15.00
Form 8283 – Non-Cash Contributions$15.00
Form 4684 – Casualty Loss$15.00
Form 3903 – Moving Expense$15.00
Form 2441 – Child and Dependent Care$25.00
Home Office Computation$25.00
Schedule C (each)$125.00
Schedule D ($10 per transaction)$25.00 min
excess of 5 transactions (each)$5.00
Schedule E – Supplemental Income (first rental)$100.00
additional rentals (each)$100.00
Schedule F (each)$125.00
Schedule M$15.00
Schedule SE – Self-Employment Tax$25.00
Form 4562 – Depreciation & Amortization$25.00
Depreciation Schedule (each item)$5.00
Form 4797 – Sales of Business Property$25.00
Form 6252 – Installment Sale (1st Year)$50.00
subsequent years$15.00
Form 6198 – At-Risk Limitation$15.00
Form 6251 – Alternative Minimum Tax$15.00
Form 4952 – Investment Interest Expense$15.00
Form 2555 – Foreign Income$25.00
Form 1116 – Foreign Tax Credit$15.00
Form 8824 – Like-Kind Exchanges$50.00
Form 5405 – First-Time Home Buyers Credit$25.00
Home Sale Worksheets$25.00
Education Credits$15.00
Form 8958 – Allocation of Tax / Community Property States$30.00

Business Returns

Form 1120 – Corporation (Minimum)$850.00
Form 1120S – S-Corporation (Minimum)$750.00
Form 1065 – Partnership (Minimum)$675.00
Form 706, 709, 1041 – Estate, Gift, Fiduciary (Minimum)$550.00
Form 990 – Tax Exempt Organization (Minimum)$550.00

Other Items

State Return$50.00
Extension of Time to File$25.00
Installment Agreement Request$25.00
Form 1045 – Application for Tentative Refund$150.00
Amended Returns (fees for additional forms may apply)$150.00
Copy of Previously Supplied Tax Return (plus postage)$25.00
Forms 1040/540 ES – Estimated Tax$50.00
Schedule K-1 (each)$25.00
Form 4506 – Request for Copy of Tax Return$25.00
Form 4506-T – Request for Transcript$25.00

*Necessary accounting work in conjunction with the tax return, with prior client approval, will be billed at our standard hourly rate ($65.00/hr).